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A few weeks ago I was taking a night drive with my roommate to escape the hot, small apartment for a bit, and was out in a part of town I don't go to often.. was going about 30-35 and got to an unlit, unmarked instant 90* turn, by the time I saw it, and hit the brakes, I wasn't able to stop the car and it hopped the curb and hit a sign, which proceeded to try to chop my roomie's face off. It ended up just bouncing off the windshield and shattering a lot of glass but not hurting anyone, thankfully.

However the car was relatively beat up, so I called the insurance, and they came out to check on it, gave me an estimate of ~$3,227.50 to fix it all up, minus $1k deductible, so $2227.50 check. That was about as close as I could get to it being totaled without actually losing it.. Bluebook value puts it at ~$4.1k trade-in. I initially planned to fix it up to running (Windshield, realign the wheels), and use the rest for bills, which would really help me get on top of things.

Today I finally was able to start the process.. got the car towed to an autoglass shop to get a fresh new windshield installed and the glass shards cleaned out of the fabric of the seats. Then I got in the car and drove it to the Sears Autoshop, because they had been awesome to me in the past and I figured they'd get my alignment set as good as any.


Turns out my engine cradle's bent 3" back on the right. offsets my engine, also screws up my wheel alignment something fierce. Also may be pinning my flywheel, which would explain why my car doesn't start half the time now.. Base guestimate to have the engine removed, cradle replaced, car fixed up, and engine put back in? ~$3k. minimum. provided nothing else is wrong.

in other words, GG Mustang. Also means that now I'm going to probably have to find a new car. The insurance company MIIIGHT pay for repairs since they've already started paying but.. given that most likely the repair total's going to be double the value of the car itself, something tells me I won't be so lucky.

Also still don't have a full-time job so I can't get an auto loan right now.


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